A drizzly day out with the doll and the dog | Williamson Park, Lancaster [Vlog]

Today we had a lovely family trip to Williamson Park in Lancaster. Josie dog most definitely had the best time out of all of us; finished off by swimming with the ducks! πŸ¦† Much to our disgust… she stunk the car out on our way home πŸ™„

The weather wasn’t brilliant 🌦 but it was great to get some fresh air and see Josie dog so happy. We had planned to take a picnic, but due to being unorganised πŸ™ˆ that didn’t happen! There were lots of little spots, including picnic benches and little shelters that would have been perfect – maybe next time!

I was glad to have Matt with me… lots of steep hills with the pram were a little hard work at times! Jessie doll enjoyed the bumpy ride and of course her cheese on toast from the cafe!

Click here to watch my Vlog!

Kate xxx

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